Mission & Vision

The Department of Chemistry has two main objectives:

  • Promote and perform cutting edge research.
  • Provide top-notch education.

The research activity of our department, with a focus on material science and biomedical research, is characterized by high interdisciplinarity, by a highly stimulating research environment, by a top-level infrastructure and by excellent working conditions. The faculty, with the help of brilliant students from all over the word, seeks to solve problems of high fundamental and practical importance and promote a culture of innovation and collaboration. Nanotechnology, polymer science, organic and inorganic chemistry applied to novel drug synthesis, materials for energy-related applications are only some of the exciting research topics investigated in the department. The department is always looking for the best students and young researchers, to join the department in our quest for new and challenging scientific endeavors.

With small classes, an up-to-date study program, promoting a bilingual (French-German) system at the bachelor level, and English at master level, the chemistry curriculum at the Chemistry department offers a high-level education to prepare the new generation of chemistry students, capable of facing the many technological challenges of a rapidly evolving word, in which chemistry plays a pivotal role. In addition to the core competences of organic, inorganic, physical and analytical chemistry, the curriculum offers to the students courses on nanotechnology, material science and medicinal chemistry, always highlighting the interdisciplinary aspect of modern chemistry.