Chemistry with Globi

Would you like to do cool experiments at home and impress your friends? With "Chemistry with Globi" you can! Through their own experience and discovery Globi leads children into the world of chemistry. In this book you will find a lot of interesting experiments with the appropriate scientific explanations. 

Globi Verlag, Barbara Winter-Werner from the "Platform Chemistry", the author Jürg Lendenmann and the illustrator Daniel Müller wrote and illustrated the book "Chemistry with Globi" for more than two years - together with a team of chemistry professors and secondary school teachers. On 96 pages Globi tells in numerous stories how he experiences the science of chemistry and discovered chemical processes in everyday life. After each chapter, experiments follow. This allows children to understand the chemical phenomena themselves in a simple and safe way. The book is aimed at children from reading age to about 12 years. It exists both in German and in French! 

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Chemie mit Globi/ La Chimie avec Globi 

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