Emeriti Faculty

Prof. Dr. Michael Allan

Professor of Physical Chemistry

Email: michael.allan@unifr.ch

Web: https://homeweb.unifr.ch/allanm/pub/ma/

Prof. Dr. Thomas Bally

Professor of Physical Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Peter Belser

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Claude Daul

Professor of Physical Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Titus Jenny

Professor of Organic Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Werner Hug

Professor of Physical Chemistry (from 1982 to 2010)

Prof. Dr. Carl-Wilhelm Schlapfer

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry (from 1980 to 2007)

Email: carl-wilhelm.schlaepfer@unifr.ch 

Prof. Dr. Albert Gossauer

Director of the Institute for Organic Chemistry (from 1980 to 2006)

Prof. Dr. Alexander von Zelewsky

Director of the Institute for Inorganic Chemistry (from 1969 to 2006)

Email: alexander.vonzelewsky@unifr.ch 

Web: http://vonzelewsky.ch/Brissago_AVZ/AVZ.html

Prof. Dr. Edwin Haselbach (died in 2014)

Director of the Institute for Physical Chemistry (from 1980 to 2001)

Prof. Dr. Franzpeter Emmenegger 

Ordinarius at the Institute for Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry (from 1969 to 2001)

Email: franzpeter.emmenegger@unifr.ch