Published on 05.04.2022

Ecology & Evolution research groups have moved to building PER23

The Ecology & Evolution research groups of Sven Bacher, Louis-Félix Bersier, Thomas Flatt, Kimberly Gilbert, Christian Parisod, Rudolf Rohr and Daniel Wegmann groups are now working in the former “laboratoire cantonal” building, PER23 (Chemin du Musée 15, 1700 Fribourg). They share the new building with members of the Department of Mathematics. PER23 office and lab numbers can be found in the University directory.

E&E administrative officer Eirini Maikanti has also moved to PER23. The other E&E research groups, i.e. the Kozwlowski, LeBoeuf and Silvestro groups, are respectively located in PER04 (Rue Albert-Gockel 3), PER01 (Chemin du Musée 12) and PER17 (Chemin du Musée 18).

The diverse research of the groups in E&E spans the areas of applied ecology, conservation biology and biogeography, community ecology, population genetics and genomics of adaptation, plant ecological genomics, the evolution and mechanisms of social behavior, theoretical ecology and evolution, computational evolutionary (paleo-) biology, and statistical and computational biology.

The Department of Biology consists of different buildings. They can be found on the map below.

More information on Ecology & Evolution at UniFR: