PrizePublished on 04.10.2018

IRP Schellenberg Prize: award ceremony for Prof. Claire Jacob

The IRP Schellenberg Research Prize 2018 has been awarded to Prof. Claire Jacob (together with Prof. Magdalena Götz, Munich) on 27th September. 

Set up in 2003 the IRP Schellenberg Research Prize perpetuates the memory of Ulrich Schellenberg, the founder of the IFP Foundation in Zurich and co-founder of the IRP Foundation in Geneva, who died in 2001. 15 researchers
have received the Prize since the beginning. The Prize of CHF 100’000 is aimed every two years at rewarding scientist’s outstanding work in the field of paraplegia. Priority is given to young but already established and successful scientists working experimentally in theabove-mentioned fields. The funds awarded, by enabling the recruitment of new co-workers or personnel, and the purchase of equipment or supplies, should help investigate avenues that may, in due course, lead to progress inspinal cord regeneration and functional recovery.

Prof. Claire Jacob,  currently group leader in the Department of biology at University of Fribourg, achieved two doctorate`s in France in Pharmacology and Biomedical Sciences. She held two postdoctoral positions in University of California, San Francisco and at the ETH, Zurich. In Zurich she got fascinated about research in the field of the peripheral nervous system, in particular Schwann cells. In 2004, a ski accident rendered her quadriplegic. After several months of intensive rehabilitation, she was able again to move her arms and legs. In 2012, she received an SNF Professorship grant and also the prestigious Marie Heim-V