We actively participate to the teaching of the Medicine Section by giving courses for students in Medicine, Biomedicine and Experimental Biomedical Research. Our courses and seminars focus on topics ranging from neurobiology to behavioral neurology and cognitive sciences. The key courses provided by our group are listed in Dr Spierer's profile page.

We welcome students in medicine, biomedicine and psychology for internships as well as for bachelor and master thesis. We also supervise PhD, MD and MD-PhD theses.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in conducting an internship or a thesis in our group.

The following students are currently conducting their bachelor or master thesis in our team (interns not listed):


Student Faculty Type of thesis
Romain Vulliemin Cognitive Neuroscience Master
Tania Geiger Cognitive Neuroscience Master
Antonin Rouaud Cognitive Neuroscience Master
Matilde de Luigi Digital Neuroscience Master
Alumni (2020- only)
Jessica Demarchi Expe Biomedical Research Master
Marie Biollaz Medicine Master
Laurianne Ecabert Expe Biomedical Research Master
Stephan Schneider Cognitive Neuroscience Master
Michael Romet Cognitive Neuroscience Master
Laurianne Grob Biomedical Science Bachelor
Laurianne Ecabert Biomedical Science Bachelor
Julie Poisson Medicine Master
Giona Spriano Expe Biomedical Research Master
Marta Koc Expe Biomedical Research Master