Spierer Research Group

Laboratory for Neurorehabilitation Science

We are an interdisciplinary research team developing, validating and implementing plasticity-based cognitive enhancement and neurorehabilitation interventions. 



November 2021: PD Dr Spierer has been appointed editor at Nature Scientific Report, congratulations!

June 2021: We have been interviewed by the University scientific journal on the development of our spin-off Neuria



June 2021:  We have received final acceptance (Stage 2) for our first Registered Report on food devaluation with inhibitory control training


May 2021: We have received an 'In principle acceptance' for our 4th and 5th Registered Report  in Scientific Report and European Journal of Neuroscience


March 2021: The lab launches its spin-off Neuria 

September 2020: We have received an 'In principle acceptance' for our third Registered Report on the remediation of gait disturbance in Parkinson, in Brain Communication


August 2020: Dr M De Petto has received a grant from Parkinson Switzerland to support his work on auditory rythmic stimulation for gait disturbance in Parkinson's disease 

Parkinson Foundation

August 2020: The LNS is releasing EEG analyses toolboxes together with their source code 

Software page

August 2020: The LNS has a new paper accepted for publication in Cerebral Cortex on the interaction between aging and inhibitory control training publications

March 2020: The LNS has a new paper accepted for publication in Neuroimage on the effect of  acute alcohol intoxication on inhibitory control 



Feb 2020: The LNS in the steering comittee of the new CAS in Neuroscience and Education: here!