"The Diner"

The Diner is a stand-alone software developed by our team on Unity and that can be used for cognitive training, behavioral changes and rehabilitation. We are currently running randomized control trials to test the efficacity of the intervention, notably in changing eating habits by targeting reward processes. With the main aim of supporting the developement of our software and their scientific validation, we propose our online training solutions to scientists and clinicians, as well as to health-promoting institutions and induscries, via our spin-offNeuria


The Diner includes several gamified executive control tasks; so far, we have developed a Go/NoGo, a Stop-Signal, a Cue-approach training and an N-Back task. 


State-of-the-art principles of general game design have guided the task gamification to create a satisfying experience for video-game players and to reinforce their intrinsic motivation. For instance, each task has its specific arts and includes feedback and reward mechanisms. A global internal economy system allows buying power-up with 'Diner Coins' accumulated by successfully completing each task. The game also provides information on players' ranking compared to the player's own performance and to other players. These gratification systems help improve the gaming experience and in turn participants' motivation and adherence to the training interventions. 

All behavioral outputs can be automatically uploaded on dedicated servers to allow to remotely monitor performance and compliance during home training interventions. The Diner is designed to be played on tactile tablets or on smartphone. The softare is available in multiple languages . Likewise, the stimuli used in the game, the stimulus-response mapping rules and all task parameters could be easily modified.

For additional information, please see the related research line page.


Please do not hesitate to contact us should you be interested in using our software for research or clinical purposes.

























Tatool modules

We have also developped several modules in the open-source experiment software Tatool-web framework. These tasks include adaptive response time thresholds and can be used for online cognitive assessment and training. We have made them freely available for on the  Tatool-web website.