Rehabilitation Software Development


Training-induced plasticity can be enhanced by gamifying intervention tasks and closed-loop technologies.

Based on the neurocognitive models of training-induced plasticity in executive functions we have particpated in establishing over the last 10 years, we develop standalone rehabilitation software and validate them with series of randomized controlled trials in healthy and neurologic populations.

As detailed below, in addition to identify the most important training task parameters to promote the targeted plastic changes, we aim at gamifying the interventions and at including closed loop technologies.

Please see here for details on our main gamified intervention software.

  • Gamification to improve motivation and adherence to treatment

    With videogame professionals, we implement our training tasks in serious games. This gamification process involves collaborating:

    • with artists to develop enjoyable visual and auditory training environement (sound, music, graphics, animations, ...)
    • with gaming specialists to develop reward mechanisms (scoring systems, internal economy, power ups, ...)

    The main aim of gamifying our interventions is to improve participants immersion, motivation and aderence to the programs.


    Please see here for our main gamfied intervention software.


  • Closed-loop technologies to personalize treatments and improve learning

    The closed-loop components enable personalizing the interventions: The training tasks parameters are automatically adapted to the participants’ neurocognitive profiles and to changes in performance during the training sessions. 

    We are also developing brain-computer interfaces to further take into account, during the task practice, individual participants'  (neuro)physiological metrics.