Registered Reports (stage 1 with in principle acceptance)

Reduction in sugar drink valuation and consumption with gamified executive control training
Najberg, H., Mouthon, M., Coppin, G., Spierer, L.
Scientific Report, 2021


Distinct brain networks involved in placebo analgesia between individuals with or without prior experience with opioids
Wicht, C., Mouthon, M., Chabwine, JN., Gaab, J., Spierer, L.
European Journal of Neuroscience, 2021


Improving gait in Parkinson’s disease with swing rhythmic auditory stimulation: a randomized crossover trial
De Pretto, M., Bloechle, JL., Spierer, L., Accolla, EA.
Brain Communication, 2020


Neural correlates of expectations-induced effects of caffeine intake on executive functions
Wicht, C., De Pretto, M., Spierer, L.
Cortex, 2020


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