April 2023: We have a new paper just accepted for publication in the journal Cortex on the effect of brain lesion of the connectome on executive function. Congratulation Marco!

January 2023: The University journal Alma & Georges presents how we have developed our spinoff Neuria


January 2023: We welcome Malika Tapparel as a new PhD student. Malika will work on the neural bases, predictors and moderators of the effect of response training interventions

Octobre 2022: The lab spin-off Neuria wins the prize of the best 2022 Start-up organized by the Economic Promotion of Fribourg

Prix à l'innovation

September 2022: Dr Spierer was awarded a large Swiss National Science Foundation grant to further work on the neural bases and moderators of executive control training interventions to improve eating behaviors

SNF Portal

September 2022: We welcome Alex Tchugwa Nono as a PhD student, welcome! Alex will work on post-lesional brain plasticity.

March 2022: Our research on placebo is highlighted in the University journal Alma & Georges


March 2022: Corentin Wicht successfully defended his PhD thesis, Congratulations!

March 2022: We have two new Registered Reports published in European Journal of Neuroscience and Cortex.Publications

November 2021: PD Dr Spierer has been appointed Editor at Nature Scientific Report, congratulations!

June 2021: We were interviewed on the developement of our lab spin-off Neuria in the UNIFR Scientific journal Universitas


 June 2021: Our collaboration with University of California, Los Angeles, resulted in an important study on the effect of long-term inhibitory control training in PTSD patients published in Behavioral Research and Therapy.


June 2021: Our paper on the effect of GPi and STN Deep Brain Stimulation on proactive inhibition just out in Human Brain Mapping. We show that DBS of these two targets does not influence proactive inhibition.


June 2021: We have a 4th and 5th Registered Report having received Stage 1 In Principle acceptance. For three years now, >80% of our project follow the Registered Report publication format to ensure the highest scientific standards for confirmatory research and open science, and prevent questionnable research practice.Publications

May 2021: Our first Registered Report is published. We provide robust evidence that inhibitory control training causally induce food item devaluation.Here

April 2021: Our lab launches its spin-off to distribute our behavioral change intervention software to the general public.Neuria

August 2020: Dr M De Petto has received a grant from Parkinson Switzerland to support his work on auditory rythmic stimulation for gait disturbance in Parkinson's disease 

Parkinson Foundation

August 2020: The LNS is releasing EEG analyses toolboxes together with their source code 

Code page

August 2020: We publish in Cerebral Cortex a paper on the effects of aging on inhibitory control training


March 2020: We publish in Neuroimage a paper on the effects of acute alcohol intoxication and the related expectations on the spatio-temporal architecture of inhibitory control 


Feb 2020: The University of Fribourg has launched a new Certificate of Advanced Studies in Neuroscience and Education. The aim is to synchronise the latest advances in brain and education sciences to improve the success of young students; Dr Spierer gladly participates in the steering committee of the CAS: more information 


Jan 2020: The LNS speaks about videogames and their use for rehabilitation in Universitas (auf Deutsch!). We briefly describe how gamifying cognitive training interventions may improve the effectiveness of interventions by improving participants' immersion, motivation and compliance.Link

Jan 2020: We welcome Naima Mory as a clinical research assistant, welcome!. Naima will be mainly in charge of supporting our work on the predictor of post-stroke functional recovery at the HFR.

Nov 2019: Our second Registered Report receives In Principle Acceptance in the journal Cortex. This project examines the neural correlates of caffeine-related expectations on executive functions. The adoption of the Registered Report format for hypothesis-driven studies represents an important move towards more open and reproductible science! (see our Publication Section). The data and our processing codes will be made publicly available on the projects' OSF pages as soon as the articles will be published.

Nov 2019: M De Pretto and E Accolla have received a competitive 'Spark!' SNF grant to work on auditory stimulation for gait disturbance in Parkinson’s disease. Congratulations!

Sept 2019: We present our gamified interventions at the Numerik Game Festival.

Aug 2019: We welcome Rosa Mar Castro to develop BCI for our gamified interventions.
Mar 2019: Our laboratory was very pleased to host interns during the Women in Science and Technology event.

Jan 2019: We welcome Marco Anziano as MD PhD student. Marco will work on the effect of brain lesion and post-stroke delay on the organization of the inhibitory control network, as well as on the recovery of functional independence after stroke.