The Laboratory for Neurorehabilitation Science (LNS) is an interdisciplinary team of physicians, psychologists and engineers working at the intersection between fundamental and clinical neurorehabilitation sciences.

Our research group works between the Section of Medicine of the University and Hospital of Fribourg, with part of the team combining research with a clinical activity. We collaborate closely with the Neuropsychology Unit, the Memory Clinic and the Rehabilitation Unit of the Fribourg Canton Hospital, where part of our research activity is conducted (Hospital group page). 


Please visit the LNS members' individual profile pages for more information.


Brain Imaging and Stimulation Platform

We run the Brain Imaging and Stimulation Platform (BIS) of ourFaculty of Science and Medicine, which offers state-of-the-art equipment and methodological training for clinical and fundamental cognitive neuroscientists.

Brain Imaging and Stimulation Platform