The LNS has recently developed and released MATLAB- and EEGLAB-based software dedicated to the preprocessing and analyses of Biosemi EEG files.


More specifically, the softwares enable to automatically:



Technical notes

  • The currently available release of the toolboxes are in beta versions. Some minor bugs may be present and the scripts may still be unstable.
  • All three toolboxes can exclusively accommodate Biosemi EEG data files.
  • They run with MATLAB R2019b release, the last release of EEGLAB v.2020.0 and on Windows 10 systems. 


Citation format

  • We are asking users to cite each one of the toolboxes in their respective publications.
  • The citations should be formatted as follows, according to the toolboxes that were used:
      • H. Najberg, C.A. Wicht & Spierer L., AutoERP, (2020), GitHub repository, DOI
      • C.A. Wicht, J. N. Chabwine, C. Mancini & Spierer L., RESTINGLAB, (2020), GitHub repository, DOI
      • C.A. Wicht & Spierer L., TimeFreq, (2020), GitHub repository,




These projects were supported by Swiss National Science Foundation grants: