We aim at establishing fundamental neurocognitive models of training-induced plasticity in the healthy and neurological brain. On this basis, we then develop and implement neurophysiologically-informed cognitive training programs for the rehabilitation of neurologic disorders and the enhancement of cognition in healthy populations.

We also investigate how our interventions may help improve health-related behaviors ranging from eating habits to addictions, and reaching supra-normal performance in expert populations (elite athletes, videogamers,...) by influencing implicit neurocognitive processes.

Our researches are based on neuroimaging, neurostimulation and pharmacological approaches (and combinations thereof).


Our work is supported by public and private grants from:

  •         Swiss National Science Foundation
  •         Swiss Foundation for Alcohol Research
  •         Velux Foundation
  •         Novartis Foundation for Biological and Medical Research
  •         Swiss Parkinson


Metaplasticity of Executive Functions

Developing models of training-induced and post-lesional plasticity in executive functions

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Rehabilitation Software Development

Developing software for neurorehabilitaiton and behavioral change

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Clinical research in neurology

Improving neurologic diagnostic and care, from pain to tropical diseases

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