Intercultural Business Projects

Fall Semester 2022

In this course, coordinated jointly by Prof. Dirk Morschett and Prof. Eric Davoine, the participants from the University of Fribourg will be a part of a global virtual team. Each student will be in a different team, together with students coming from many different countries.

Overall, thousands of students and professionals from over 40 countries participate in this experience. An external educational organization (X-Culture) provides real business projects presented by their corporate partners.

In regular virtual meetings, the teams develop ideas and solutions. Overall, about two months are given to develop a solution. There are weekly deadlines that the teams have to meet. At the end of the project, the teams will present their solutions in the form of team reports. A detailed description of this process can be found on A more detailed information package will be provided in the preparatory first meeting of the course.

In Fribourg, the participants will meet weekly (from September 28 - December 7) with the lecturer to present their progress and plans.

The grading will be based on a paper that each student has to submit to the lecturers (which can be the team report) (60%) and a grade for participation, commitment and quality of proposed solutions (40%) in the weekly meetings.

Download Syllabus coming soon!

The information for this course will be provided via moodle:

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