Core Module: European and Global Business 

The core of the programme is the module “European and Global Business” in which you have to obtain at least 27 ECTS (i.e. take about 6 courses). All courses in this module have a focus on international business. 


Courses in bold letters are core courses. At least 2 core courses have to be accomplished in each chosen module. 
ATTENTION: Most courses are only offered every two years. Our currently timetable, you can find here.

Please do also check here the timetable of the university for the courses of a certain semester.
This list is indicative and non-binding. In some cases, courses may not be continued but on the other hand, new courses are added to the list. 


As an important overview on International Management, one course is strongly recommended for the module, namely: 

  • Fundamentals of International Management (D. Morschett) 

Other courses that can be accredited towards the core module are: 

  • Case Studies in International Strategy
  • European Marketing
  • International Services Marketing
  • Intercultural Management
  • Microeconomics of Competitiveness (MOC) - new core course since 2022
  • Managing the Multinational Network
  • Marketing Interculturel - new since 2022
  • Advanced Seminar in International and European Business
  • Asian Management (Study Trip to Bangkok)
  • Focal Firms and SMEs in Global Value Chains
  • Intégration européenne
  • Intercultural Business Projects
  • International Finance
  • International Negotiations - Success stories from an intercultural background
  • International Taxation
  • Strategic Value Creation
  • Sustainable Globalization
  • Transnational Enterprises in Global Society

Our current timetable, you can find here

In addition, the University of Fribourg cooperates in the BeNeFri-network with the neighbouring universities of Berne and Neuchatel. Courses from their course lists can also be taken and can – after permission by the programme responsibles – be accredited towards the optional modules of the Master of Arts in International and European Business.