Discussion Group on Federalism

In the  «Discussion Group on Federalism», researchers from various disciplines who deal with questions of federalism or, in general, with the topic of decentralized state organisation, regularly meet to exchange their knowledge.

The discussion group supports the informal scientific discourse and aims at promoting the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge by serving as an informal platform. The individual participants are offered the opportunity to test their own (perhaps also half-baked) theories, to deepen their understanding of the research of other disciplines, and to cultivate their network.

  • Bisherige Veranstaltungen
    • 11 January 2018: « Quelle place pour les actes de soft law dans le fédéralisme suisse ? » (Prof. Alexandre Flückiger, Faculty of Law, University of Geneva)
    • 7 March 2017: «Rechtsstabilität in den Kantonen» (Prof. Mark Schelker, Faculty of Economics and Social Science, University of Fribourg)