The Institute of Federalism is attached to the University of Fribourg and directed in collaboration with the ch. Foundation for Federal Cooperation. It is an institute of the Law Faculty, and under the co-direction of Professors Eva Maria Belser and Bernhard Waldmann. Prof Andreas Stöckli is also a member of the board of directors. All members of the board of directors hold a chair for Constitutional and Administrative law thus securing the Institute’s close cooperation with the University of Fribourg. The Institute is also part of the Swiss Center of Expertise in Human Rights and responsible for the cluster «Institutional Issues». 

  • Institute council

    Pascal BROULIS, Cantonal Minister for Finances and Foreign Affairs (Vaud) and Representative of the ch Foundation (member since 2017)

    Jean-Pierre SIGGEN, Cantonal Minister for Education, Cultural and Sport (Fribourg) (member since 2014)

    Representatives of the ch Foundation

    Roland MAYER,  Secretary-General of the Conference of Cantonal Governments (membre since 2019)

    Christian RATHGEB, Cantonal Executive Councillor of the Canton of Graubünden and Head of the Department of Finance and Municipalities, President of the Conference of Cantonal Governments CdC  (member since 2021)

    Representatives of the University of Fribourg

    Martin BEYELER, Professor of Infrastructure Law and New Technologies (member since 2020)

    Jacques DUBEY, Professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law (member since 2014)

    Raphaël DUMMERMUTH, Graduate Assistant, Representative of the academic mid-level faculty (member since 2020)

    Clémence GRISEL RAPIN, Professor of Administrative Law (member since 2020)

    Anna SOLARI, Student Representative (member since 2021)

    Other members

    Christoph AUER, Secretary of the Canton of Bern (member since 2017)

    Anne-Sophie CONSTANS-LAMPERT, Government Employee of the Principality of Liechtenstein (member since 2015)

    Peter MISCHLER, General Secretary, Swiss conference of the cantonal financial directors (member since 2015)


  • Board of Directors
    Eva Maria Belser

    Full Professor

    Co-Director of the Institute of Federalism

     +41 26 300 81 30
    Office: BRG.01 1.04

    Bernhard Waldmann

    Full Professor

    Co-Director of the Institute of Federalism

     +41 26 300 81 56
    Office: BRG.01 1.12

    Andreas Stöckli

    Full Professor

    Member of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Federalism

     +41 26 300 81 62
    Office: BRG.01 1.08

  • Team
    Florian Bergamin

    Diploma Assistant / Assistant paid with third-party funding

    BRG 01 - 3.24
    +41 26 300 8143

    Elisabeth Joller

    Research Associate

    BRG 01 - 3.39