Administration Law Forum

The Institute for Law and Economics (idé) of the University of Fribourg brings together trade law, tax law, commercial criminal law, competition law and administrative law, in order to accommodate the growing complexity of economic cases. To that end, it organises several fora.

The Administrative Law Forum addresses the influence of administrative law on economic law. The forum is under the direction of Prof. Isabelle Häner (Zurich) and Prof. Bernhard Waldmann (Institute of Federalism, Fribourg). The forum organises conferences on specific topics and publishes the proceedings as part of the idé series.

  • Past conferences and publications

    21 April 2021: Webinair for the 8th Administrative Law Forum on 23 September 2021

    8 November 2018: Staatliche Aufsicht über die Wirtschaft und ihre Akteure (= Vol. 20 of the idé series)

    6 November 2014: Kausalabgaben (= Vol. 14 of the idé series)

    12 September 2012: Brennpunkte im Verwaltungsprozess (= Vol. 9 of the idé series)

    27 January 2011: Die Konzession (= Vol. 7 of the idé series)

    25 June 2009: Verwaltungsstrafrecht und sanktionierendes Verwaltungsrecht (= Vol. 5 of the idé series)

    24 April 2008: Das erstinstanzliche Verwaltungsverfahren (= Vol. 3 of the idé series)

    25 January 2007: Der verwaltungsrechtliche Vertrag in der Praxis (= Vol. 2 of the idé series)