Expert opinions

The Institute of Federalism formulates legal clarifications and opinions on points of constitutional and administrative law that relate directly to federalism, constitutional and administrative structures, fundamental rights, general administrative law (including administrative procedures and the public administration of justice), cantonal and intercantonal administrative law, and legisprudence. 

It also advises the public authorities, should they wish, on the drafting of new legislation. In accordance with the principles of jurisprudence, the National Centre refuses to formulate any tailored expert legal opinions on behalf of its clients.

As a general rule, it also does not accept commissions that require the formulation of (private) independent expert reports for use in pending legal proceedings.

All work carried out by the Institute on behalf of third parties is performed in accordance with a written agreement concluded prior to the start of the work and is subject to payment. The hourly fees charged by the centre vary depending on the type of commission (straightforward legal clarifications, project support and legal opinions) and the personnel involved (assistants, researchers, professors).

Sponsors and partners of the institute can benefit from preferential hourly fees. Please ask for an offer.

Previous expertises

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