International Research and Consulting Center (IRCC)

The International Research and Consulting Center (IRCC) functions as the international outreach center of the Institute of Federalism.

Founded in 1997, the IRCC has been involved in projects worldwide, dealing with questions related to federalism, decentralisation and conflict resolution, often covering Switzerland and other federations in comparative perspective. Embedded within the University of Fribourg, the IRCC conducts research, offers training courses like the Summer University and the Practitioners’ Course, and engages in capacity building activities through workshops or the reception of delegations.

Led by a diverse team of experts with specialization in different backgrounds like political science, sociology and constitutional and international law, the IRCC’s work is interdisciplinary and practice-oriented.

The team shares in consulting, capacity-building and providing support in constitutional reform processes, policy advice, federalism and decentralisation reforms, and focused research consultancy.


Services and Consulting


Training and Capacity Building

Outreach and Communication