The Institute

The Institute is a nationally and internationally renowned, politically independent centre of expertise in questions of state organisation. As such, it develops the academic foundations concerning the tasks of a state and the conflicts of interests the latter is exposed to: to fulfil state functions in line with the demands and in an economically sound manner; to act with democratic legitimacy; to cope with a pluralistic society and to respect the rights of individuals and minorities.

Through research, services and training offers, the Institute contributes in an academically sound and practical manner to specify and further develop the principles of good governance.

The Institute’s activities focus on the following areas:

  • General theory of federal and decentralized state organisation
  • Fundamentals and further development of the Swiss federal state
  • Comparative federalism
  • Democracy
  • Fundamental and human rights
  • Protection of Minorities
  • Conflict prevention and management
  • Legisprudence
  • Administrative Law
  • Public procedural law