Publication Grant of the Institute of Federalism

The Institute of Federalism (IFF) supports the publication of excellent dissertations with a publication grant.

The grant consists of covering the costs of publication through the IFF. The grant is aimed at doctoral students of Swiss and foreign universities, who have written a dissertation in a broader area of federalism research.

The grant is open to excellent dissertations in law or other disciplines (like political science, history or economics) dealing with general questions of the state (for example democracy, human rights, minority rights, rule of law) or with specific topics ( for example education, environment, economics/fiscal issues) and questions of separation of powers and cooperation in multilevel states.

  • Application for the grant

    An application can be submitted anytime by persons who have completed their doctoral dissertations at Swiss or foreign universities and who have not yet published the dissertation, and which has been accepted at the home university no longer than two years ago at the time of application.
    The dissertation and curriculum vitae can be submitted as an electronic document or in hard copy. The application should include a confirmation that the dissertation has been accepted at the home university as well as proof of the grades and evaluation by the home university.

  • Selection procedure

    A jury consisting of the directors of the IFF will decide on the grant based on quality of research, originality of the research question or methodology, the significance of the research findings and the interest for a wider audience on the publication of the research.
    The decision on the grant will be made within two months of application. The decision of the jury is final and not open to legal proceedings.

  • Conditions of the grant

    The dissertation will be published in the PIFF series, without the doctoral student having to cover the costs of printing the book. A contribution towards covering costs of other publications (for example other books, publishers or series) or the payment of cash in lieu of publication is excluded. The author agrees to enter into a publication contract with the publisher and agrees to fulfil all conditions laid down by the publisher (including with respect to copyright, granting full copyright to the publisher and submission of final publishable text). The grant does not cover the costs of formatting, footnotes or other editing work as required by the publisher. The author will receive a limited number of copies of the book, free of cost. It may also be possible to cover only part of the costs.

Contact and information

 Mrs Yvonne Heiter-Steiner, Executive Secretary