UNESCO Chair Published on 18.06.2024

UNESCO Chair in Human Rights and Democracy

The Swiss UNESCO Chairs and the Swiss UNESCO Commission (of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs) held their annual meeting in Geneva on 24 May 2024. The meeting provided an opportunity for the Swiss UNESCO Chairs to interact and to learn about innovative collaborations and work that is being carried out at the other chairs. From innovative methods of physical education for primary school children, to promoting sustainable tourism to dealing with restitution of stolen cultural goods, the UNESCO Chairs at Swiss universities are engaged in multi-stakeholder activities. Many Chairs have North-South collaborations and are involved in research projects and carry out activities that benefit future generations.

The University of Fribourg’s UNESCO Chair in Human Rights and Democracy is the oldest Swiss UNESCO Chair (established in 1998) is co-chaired by Prof. Eva Maria Belser and Prof. Sarah Progin. The Chair was represented by Melanie Berger and Rekha Oleschak at the annual meeting. They gave a short report on the Chair’s activities in wide ranging areas from migrant rights to power-sharing for peace.

Launched in 1992 with the aim of promoting international inter-university cooperation, to share knowledge and develop collaborative work, there are now some 950 UNESCO Chairs and 45 UNITWIN networks in 120 countries.

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