Federalism-SeminarPublished on 09.06.2023

Training course on the foundations and practices of the Swiss federal state

How are the competencies in different policy areas distributed? Which level must bear the costs for the performance of state tasks? And how does federal cooperation work? These and other questions were addressed at the first federalism seminar in Schwarzenberg LU.

The first edition of the training took place from 24-26 May 2023. The dreary weather was a real invitation to engage in learning together. Thus, during the three days, the 40 participants delved into the constitutional foundations of the Swiss federal state and their implementation in practice. In addition to the Directorate of the Institute of Federalism, the many invited speakers and workshop leaders provided their expertise.

The seminar was primarily aimed at employees of federal, cantonal and communal administrations, as well as tripartite, intercantonal and intercommunal bodies, but also at politicians and other interested parties. The diversity of professional and technical backgrounds was particularly appreciated, which facilitated exciting discussions and lively exchanges between the different levels of the federal state. Consequently, federalist interaction was also a recurring theme during the breaks, the joint lunches and dinners (the Seminar- und Bildungszentrum Matt deserves our sincere thanks for the truly federalist-inspired menu!), and at aperitifs.

The training, which took place under the direction of the Institute, was organised in partnership with the Council of States, the Federal Office of Justice, the ch Foundation for Federal Cooperation, the Swiss Association of Municipalities, and the Swiss Association of Cities. At the end of the seminar, as the sun slowly broke through the fog, it was representatives of these partners that discussed the challenges but also the prospects of the Swiss system.

The Institute of Federalism would like to thank all speakers and workshop leaders for their impressive contributions. The greatest thanks, however, go to the participants for their participation! We are already looking forward to the next edition of the seminar.