Guest ResearcherPublished on 09.06.2022

Presentation of the guest researchers of the IFF: May Thant Cynn

What is your research about?

My research aims to study how a new federal constitution could protect and preserve equality for the future Federal Union in Myanmar. I study the most frequently addressed aspect of equality: that of ethnic nationalities, as well as those in dire need to be included in the dialogues such as gender and social equality. My research discusses how equality for ethnicity, territory, and population can be implemented in the federal constitution.

The current delineation of States and Regions in Myanmar creates political complications and a tension between ethnic and territorial representation. The intertwining notions of ethnicity and territory, rendered by naming the 7 states after 7 ethnic nationalities, make the matter even more complex. Under the new federal constitution, the territorial equality in terms of status and powers of each unit at the central level and unit level is to be protected concurrently with the equality for ethnic communities, which is perceived as an essential part of the resolution to end the internal conflict.

What is your background?

I received my MSc. in Politics, Philosophy, and Management from Lancaster University in 2019, focusing on conflict management in contemporary conflicts and organisational change management and received the best dissertation award on « the Role of Humanitarian Moral Principles in Aid Effectiveness of INGOs in Mitigating Rakhine-Rohingya crisis/complexity » research. I received my B.A in Business Management from Northampton University in 2016.

My working experience expands across INGOs, private, government, and parliamentarian sectors in management, policy, and research, in the areas of federalism, healthcare, economic reform, and education in Myanmar.

Thank you, May, for this presentation. The IFF is more than happy to welcome you on board, and we are very much looking forward to read more about your research soon.