Guest researcherPublished on 30.05.2022

Presentation of the guest researchers of the IFF: Hocine Hamidouche

What is your research about?

My research is about the restructuring of the Algerian state. Within centralised unitary states in general, and the Algerian state in particular, political power is indivisible, intangible and is heavily invested in the sphere of the central government. Algeria is the largest state in Africa, with an area of 2,381,741 km2. In states of this size, less centralised models could be imagined and are advisable

The interest and objective of this project is to outline a different structure and form for Algeria. More precisely, it aims at outlining a general, global analysis of the factors determining the formation of the contemporary Algerian state.

What is your background?

Before my PhD studies, I already held a degree in Political Sciences and International Relations from Algiers University (Algeria). I also graduated (Master’s degree) from the Institute of Human Rights Lyon (France). I hold another Master in Human Rights and National Minorities from the Institute of High European Studies, which is part of the University of Strasbourg, as well as a Master’s degree in Law, Society and Religions (Islamology) from the Strasbourg University (France). I participated in many activities on federalism, such as the Institute of Federalism’s Summer University on Federalism, Decentralisation and Conflict Resolution where I am currently a guest researcher. In addition, I participated in an internship at the State Chancellery in Bern (Switzerland).

Finally, I worked for NGOs dealing with human rights issues. This has helped me grasp the reality of human rights and the political pitfalls faced by both peoples and states. My academic and professional experience have helped me a lot to develop a research project.

Thank you, Hocine, for this presentation. The IFF is more than happy to welcome you on board, and we are very much looking forward to read more about your research soon.