Federalism in MyanmarPublished on 25.04.2022

IRCC contributes to Federalism Discussions in Myanmar

In April, the Institute of Federalism's International Centre team worked with different Myanmar actors on the future of the federal debate in the country, focusing especially on the importance of local governance. We discussed the prospects for peace, the importance of local structures and the principles of equality. We also evaluated the technical aspects of implementing federalism, both in fiscal and political terms. The priorities and principles of governance closer to the people were highlighted and participants identified different steps needed. Different views and opinions were also shared in order to identify a possible roadmap to federalism in Myanmar in light of the current challenges that the country faces. The IRCC provided expert input on comparative federalism from all around the world.  In particular, we presented on local governance structures in Switzerland and Germany, and on the need for local autonomy in a country such as Myanmar. Our experts continue to support different federal reform initiatives across the country.