WebinarPublished on 22.06.2020

Times of Crisis! Is Federalism at Risk? The role and impact of federalism on an effective crisis management.

The COVID-19 pandemic affected one country after another around the globe, thereby not only shaking health sectors and economies, but also questioning political structures. Federalism, the distribution of competences between different government levels, was deeply challenged.

Speakers coming from different EU institutions, academia and national governments will discuss questions such as: Does a federal system impede or favour an effective crisis management? Would a centralised system provide for better responses? How can democratic rights and participation be balanced with urgency of action? And, most importantly: What conclusions can we draw in order to be better prepared for an eventual next wave?                                                        

Organisers: The Trainees of the Mission of Switzerland to the EU, to NATO and of the Embassy of Switzerland in Belgium.

The event will be taking place via Zoom. Please sign up here by Monday, 29 June 2020.