Outreach & Communication

The IRCC is home to the book series “Federalism and Internal Conflicts” (Palgrave Macmillan) and support the website 50 Shades of Federalism.

It is directly linked to numerous research networks such as the International Political Science Association’s Research Committee 28 (Comparative Federalism and Multilevel Governance) and is a member of the International Association of Centers for Federal Studies (IACFS).

  • 50 Shades of Federalism

    50 Shades of Federalism is a project established in October 2017 to help inform debate about many issues related to the topic of ‘federalism’ around the world. Articles from both leading scholars and practitioners in the field, as well as early career researchers, are published on a regular basis. The IRCC supports 50 Shades of Federalism, which was developed by its academic head, Dr. Sören Keil, together with Dr. Paul Anderson. 

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  • Turn on Federalism

    Turn On Federalism is a regular webinar series with an external guest-speaker, co-organised by the IRCC and the German Hanns-Seidel Foundation. An expert on federalism is given a platform to discuss their work before a global, online audience. As such, countries and regions all over the globe have been broached by local specialists.

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  • Working Papers

    The Working Papers series is aimed at conveying results of the ongoing research of faculty members, visiting researchers as well as participants of our Summer University and advanced training programs.

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