ResearchPublished on 09.07.2024

Latest publication from the Vuckovic Group!

Vuckovic group has published a new paper about creating transferable data-driven models in chemistry in the journal Chemical Science, entitled "Identifying and embedding transferability in data-driven representations of chemical space".

For more information and to read the article:


Transferability, especially in the context of model generalization, is a paradigm of all scientific disciplines. However, the rapid advancement of machine learned model development threatens this paradigm, as it can be difficult to understand how transferability is embedded (or missed) in complex models developed using large training data sets. Two related open problems are how to identify, without relying on human intuition, what makes training data transferable; and how to embed transferability into training data. To solve both problems for ab initio chemical modelling, an indispensable tool in everyday chemistry research, we introduce a transferability assessment tool (TAT) and demonstrate it on a controllable datadriven model for developing density functional approximations (DFAs). We reveal that human intuition in the curation of training data introduces chemical biases that can hamper the transferability of datadriven DFAs. We use our TAT to motivate three transferability principles; one of which introduces the key concept of transferable diversity. Finally, we propose data curation strategies for general-purpose machine learning models in chemistry that identify and embed the transferability principles.