ResearchPublished on 29.08.2022

Latest Publication from the Katayev Group!

Katayev Research Group has recently published a new article in the journal Angewandte Chemie, entitled "Photoredox Activation of Anhydrides for the Solvent-Controlled Switchable Synthesis of gem-Difluoro Compounds". 

For more information and to read the article:


The incorporation of the gem -difluoromethylene (CF 2 ) group into organic frameworks is highly sought due to the influence of this unit on physicochemical and pharmacological properties of molecules. Herein we report an operationally simple, mild, and switchable protocol to access various gem -difluoro compounds that employs chlorodifloroacetic anhydride (CDFAA) as a low cost and versatile fluoroalkylating reagent. Detailed mechanistic studies revealed that electron-transfer photocatalysis triggers mesolytic cleavage of a C−Cl bond generating a gem -difluoroalkyl radical. In the presence of alkene, this radical species acts as an unique intermediate, that under solvent-controlled reaction conditions, delivers a wide range of gem -difluorinated g-lactams, g-lactones, and promotes oxy-perfluoroalkylation. These protocols are flow and batch scalable, possess excellent chemo- and regioselectivity, and can be used for the late-stage diversification of complex molecules.