ResearchPublished on 22.09.2020

Latest Publication from the Bochet Group!

Bochet Group has recently published an article in the journal ACS Sensors, entitled "A Simple Reaction for DNA Sensing and Chemical Delivery".


Reactions templated by nucleic acids are currently at the heart of applications in biosensing and drug release. The number of chemical reactions selectively occurring only in the presence of the template, in aqueous solutions, and at room temperature and able to release a chemical moiety is still very limited. Here, we report the use of the p-nitrophenyl carbonate (NPC) as a new reactive moiety for DNA templated reactions releasing a colored reporter by reaction with a simple amine. The easily synthesized p-nitrophenyl carbonate was integrated in an oligonucleotide and showed a very good stability as well as a high reactivity toward amines, without the need for any supplementary reagent, quantitatively releasing the red p-nitrophenolate with a half-life of about 1 h.