Institut St. Serge

The St. Serge Institute was founded in 1925 by Russian theologians who had been expelled from the Soviet Union. Their theology in the western context influenced the Catholic representatives of "nouvelle théologie" in France and thus contributed in particular to the renewal of ecclesiology at the Second Vatican Council. In cooperation with the "Institut Catholique de Paris", the Institute offers theological training, also in distance learning. It houses a precious library and the archives of important theologians such as Sergiy Bulgakov, Nicolas Afanassieff, Paul Evdokimov, Georges Florovskij, Boris Bobrinskoy and others.
The St. Nicholas Centre cooperates with the St. Serge Institute for conferences and publications (including the documentation of the Institute's "Semaines liturgiques") and in particular uses the Institute's Bulgakov Archive within the framework of the Freiburg "Sergij Bulgakov Research Centre".