Council of florence

The main theme of the St. Nicholas Centre for 2018 is the reflection of the Council of Ferrara-Florence (1439-1445): How can the failed attempt of the then "Union" between Romans and Greeks become a successful communion/koinonia today? At an international study day at the "Collège des Bernardins" in Paris under the direction of Prof. Antoine, the willingness to deal with historical events and their significance in a new and unbiased way was perceived. In her presentation, Prof. Hallensleben emphasized that the great changes in the West and East shortly after the Florentum must be taken into account: the case of Constantinople on the one hand and the pre-Reformation and Reformation shifts in attention to the division of the Church in the West on the other. At the beginning of September 2018, the St. Nicholas Centre will hold an expert discussion with Pro Oriente (Vienna) on the further study of these questions in Florence.