Metropolitan JobPublished on 24.09.2022

A Delegation of the Study Center St Nicholas participated in the inthronisation of Metropolitan Job (Getcha) of Pisidia

On 17 September 2022, the solemn enthronement of Metropolitan Job (Getcha) took place in the St Alypius Church in Antalya. Until now, he was Rector of the Institute for Higher Studies in Orthodox Theology in Chambésy. Prof. Barbara Hallensleben and Prof. Guido Vergauwen tooke part in the ceremony. Among the hierarchs were two former students of the Institute in Chambésy. In his address, the new Metropolitan emphasised the apostolic, historical and missionary responsibility of the Metropolitanate - in a region through which the Apostle Paul had already travelled (cf. Acts 13 and 14).

Address of Metropolitan Job