The duchy of Milan (1431-1449). Deliberations, negotiations and reciprocal influences.

SNF-Projekt unter der Leitung von Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Schmidt

Mitarbeiter: Martini Aureliano

The Council of Basel (1431-1449) was assembling many representatives and delegates. It dealt with many problems in the field of religious and political affairs. The decision-making was the result of negotiations not of commands. Persons of the duchy of Milan participates to these debates and entered in contact with the council and the persons involved there. The negotiations occured of two levels: first by the ecclesiatical person, incorporated to the council, second by the representatives send by the duchy and by institutions inside the duchy (Churches, University of Pavia). These relations were in the context of further relations: to the pope, to the emperor, to the duchy of Savoie and to the Swiss Confederation. The project will give an answer to the following questions: Who was present in Basel? Which institutions in the duchy were implied? Which issues were discussed and treated? Against who the aims were defended and proposed? How allies were won to the issues proposed by Milan? What was the ceremonial framework of the activities of the delegates and represenatives of Milan? -what were the results of the negotiations? Historical Rechearch on the relations between the Italian Signories and the Council of Basel didn't exist. The project will put a beginning by Milan. The project will be based on published and unpublished sources (espacially of archives Milan and of Pavia). It will contribute to the analysis of relation between State and Church. Il will analyse the pattern and the ceremonial of negotiations and therefore also the difficulties of successfull negotiations.