Instruction and Conversion in the World of Iberian Exempla: Pillars of Christian Morality

Direction : Prof. Dr. Hugo O. Bizzarri, Prof. Leandro Alves Teodoro (Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil)
Durée de validité : 2021–2025

The project aims to create a group of interdisciplinary studies specialized in the moralizing role of exempla that circulated in Portuguese and/or Castilian from the 13th to the 16th centuries, in both manuscript and print format. The proposal will consist of organizing the collected data in two thematic axes: 1) body and soul care; 2) care for the maintenance of your social group. Based on this data collection, the group members will prepare individual and collective productions, such as articles, books and, also, define the proposals for the colloquia to be offered in Brazil and Switzerland. In other words, the dissemination of the serialized and analyzed data will occur through scientific events and publications. With these products, the goal will be to present the exempla’s moralizing potential, not just a study of textual genres in which moralizing narratives. Thus, offering books and articles committed to analyzing the pedagogical uses of this material within the Iberian society of the section in question.