Gianfranco Soldati

Prof Dr

Professeur·e ordinaire
Département de philosophie

MIS 05 bu. 5145
Av. de l'Europe 20
1700 Fribourg
MIS 05, 5145


Soldati works on phenomenology, mind and knowledge.

Among other things he is interested in problems related to self-knowledge and in the philosophical analysis of experience.

He is professor for modern and contemporary philosophy at the Philosophy Departement of  Fribourg University.

He was editor of Dialectica and a member of the scientific council of the Swiss National Science Foundation.

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Recherche et publications

  • Publications
    66 publications

    Prospects of a deflationary theory of self-knowledge
    Soldati, G. (Studia Philosophica, 2013) | Livre

    Bedeutung und psychischer Gehalt: Eine Untersuchung zur sprachanalytischen Kritik von Husserls früher Phänomenologie
    Soldati (Leiden, Niederlande: Brill | mentis, 1994), ISBN: 978-3-89785-023-1 | Livre

    European Review of Philosophy, 1: Philosophy of Mind
    Gianfranco Soldati, éd. par Gianfranco Soldati (Center for the Study of Language and Inf, 1994) | Livre

    Wittgenstein: Literat und Philosoph
    Frank, M. and Soldati, G. (Neske, 1989), ISBN: 9783788503192 | Livre

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