Current information

The library is open for a maximum number of 11 simultaneous visitors. You can borrow and return items as usual. There are seven user workspaces for on-site research. Please disinfect your hands before entering and check in at the loan desk. Please respect the social distancing rules (1,50 m) while in the library. You have to wear a face mask while inside the library.

Regular services

Our team will gladly assist you in your research. Our library is open to all interested visitors. Most of our library stock is on open shelves, but you might need to ask staff to access certain types of media such as CDs or DVDs. Please respect the library rules during your visit.

  • Borrowing materials and extending expiry dates

    Any person in possession of a Central Library (BCU) library card or a Fribourg University Campus Card may borrow our materials. Borrowing rules follow the Central Library’s guidelines.

    The loan period varies by media type. The following materials may not be borrowed:

    • Handbooks (shelf marks Ba-Bd);
    • Periodicals (shelf marks Eb and J);
    • Bibliographies (shelf mark F);
    • Books in reserved collections;
    • Materials of the Self-Access Centre (shelf mark MDT);
    • any materials marked with a red dot.

    Patrons/Library users can extend the expiry date on a loan according to the Central Library’s guidelines. Please use your user account to extend expiry dates yourself. It’s the patron’s responsibility to return borrowed materials before the expiry date. If you need a library card, please don’t contact the BLE staff, but place an application with the Central Library.

    Campus Card

    Apply for a library card

  • Printing, scanning, copying

    The library offers it patrons/users access to and use of a multifunction device for printing, scanning and making copies. Prices are the same as in the other decentralised university libraries. Patrons need a Campus Card to use the device. If you do not have a Campus Card, please contact library staff and inquire about our fees. Please respect copyright when copying or scanning.

    Campus Card

  • Suggest a new acquisition

    If you discover books that you believe are of interest for the library collection, please don't hesitate to suggest them.

    Recent acquisitions

  • Compile a reserved collection

    Teachers at the Language Centre and the research domain Multilingualism can put together their own reserved collections for their classes. Books placed in such a collection may not be borrowed, which ensures that they will always be available to your students in the library. A collection typically consists of up to 20 books. Any books found in RERO Explore Fribourg may be used. Collections can be created for a single semester or for a whole year. Please contact Anela Petrovic if you want to create your own reserved collection.

    List of current reserved collections

  • Information literacy training and guided tours

    Guided tours

    Our library offers guided tours on demand at the beginning of each semester. If you are teaching a class and are planning to introduce your students to the library, please contact Anela Petrovic before the start of the semester. 

    Information literacy

    The University of Fribourg/Freiburg and the Central Library offer various classes in information literacy to students at all levels.

    For students in the language sciences, a specific course is taught shortly after the start of each semester. Master students are obliged to take this course at least once during their studies. The course includes an introduction to systematic literature search methods, the management of bibliographic database systems and the management of bibliographic references with the tool Zotero. If you are teaching a class in the Domain Multilingualism and want to offer your students supplementary training in information literacy, please contact Moritz Sommet well before the beginning of the semester.

  • Upcoming courses in information literacy
  • Rent a locker

    You can rent a locker for an extended period against a deposit of CHF 70. This offer is intended for patrons who intend to visit the library regularly during a long-term research project.

    Please contact Anela Petrovic to rent a locker.

  • Other language-related University services

    UniTandemYou are studying in Fribourg, you want to learn a new language, and you are looking for a partner to practise with? Register with UniTandem today!

    Self-Access Centre for Language LearningThe Self-Access Centre enables you to learn a new language autonomously in our library.

    Language CentreDiscover a wide array of language courses at the Language Centre.

    Department of Multilingualism and Foreign Language EducationFind out about our research and our course offerings.

    Research Centre on MultilingualismThe staff at the Documentation Centre of the Research Centre on Multilingualism are happy to answer your questions concerning multilingualism and can provide information and materials to help you in your research.


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