Reserved collections

See below for lists of the materials on our reserved shelves, sorted in alphabetical order by teacher name.


Current reserved collections

Cook, Frances

De Fontana, Eva (à la salle 1.101, Centre d'auto-apprentissage)

Gick, Cornelia

Keller-Gerber, Alessandra

Mayr Schafer, Barbara


The materials in the collections on our reserved shelves have been selected by teachers and may be viewed by all students in the library, but may not be borrowed. The shelves can be found in room 1.10.

Teachers at the Language Centre and the Department of Multilingualism can put together their own reserved collections for their classes. A collection typically consists of up to 20 books. Any books found in Discovery Fribourg may be used. Collections can be created for a semester or for a whole year. Please contact Anela Petrovic if you want to create your own reserved collection.