Library committee

The library committee generally meets twice a year to discuss and decide on questions of library policy. It consists of members from all responsible organisations, of the BLE’s librarians and of representatives from all three university bodies.

Committee charter (in German and French, PDF, 250 kb)


Prof. Dr. Matthias Grünert
Linguatg e cultura rumantscha; President of the committee


Prof. Dr. Raphael Berthele
Multilingualism and Foreign Language Education

Dr. Carmen Delgado Luchner
Director of the Language Centre

Prof. Dr. Alexandre Duchêne
Multilingualism and Foreign Language Education

Susanne Obermayer
Administrative director of the Institute of Multilingualism

Dr. Iris Schaller-Schwaner
English as a Foreign Language, academic staff representative

Dr. Moritz Sommet
Head librarian

Prof. Dr. Thomas Studer
Deutsch als Fremdsprache/Deutsch als Zweitsprache; Director of the Institute of Multilingualism

Prof. Dr. Anita Thomas
Français langue étrangère/Français langue seconde

Student representative

(currently vacant)


(currently vacant)
Head of the Self-Access Centre for Language Learning, non-voting member

Regula Feitknecht
Vice director at the Cantonal and University Library (BCU), non-voting member

Joëlle Perren
Assistant at the Research Centre on Multilingualism, non-voting member

Anela Petrovic
Library secretary at the BLE, non-voting member

Alejandro Santano Suárez

Academic librarian at the BLE, non-voting member