Library Rules


Library rules (PDF, 110 kb)

Library of Foreign Languages and Multilingualism
Library Rules

The Library of Foreign Languages and Multilingualism (Bibliothèque des langues étrangères et du plurilinguisme, BLE) is part of the Cantonal and University Library (BCU). The general library rules and directives of the BCU apply to the BLE as well, except where the rules below require exceptions..


The library is open to the students, the faculty members and the staff of the university as well as the general public.

The BLE hosts the Self-Access Centre for Language Learning. The services offered by the Centre are open to students and university staff. Its items may not be borrowed. Second copies of highly requested SAC materials are available for loan from the BLE.

By entering the library, users accept the library rules.


For university members, the Campus Card doubles as a library card.

All other users need a SLSP library network card. Cards can be acquired at the Cantonal and University Library.


The loan period varies by item type. Items of the following types may not be borrowed:

  • reference materials (shelf marks Ba-Bd);
  • periodicals (shelf marks Eb and J);
  • bibliographies (shelf mark F);
  • books on reserved reading shelves;
  • Self-Access Centre for Language Learning items (shelf mark MDT);
  • items marked with a red dot.

All items that leave the library must be properly checked out for borrowing. The timely return of all items as well as the timely renewal of loan periods is the sole responsibility of the user.

Borrowed items are the sole responsibility of the user whose library card was used to register the loan. Any loss of library card must be promptly reported to the Cantonal and University Library.

Items on loan from the BLE must be returned to the BLE. Only in case of a prolonged closure of the BLE (e.g., during the holidays) may items be returned to the Cantonal and University Library.

Items from other libraries or the Cantonal and University Library may not be returned to the BLE.

Norms of good behaviour

Users are required

  • to deposit large bags and backpacks in the lockers provided at the entrance to the library;
  • to treat any items entrusted to them with care;
  • to treat other library patrons and staff respectfully;
  • to observe silence. Two rooms in the library can be reserved for tandem activities, group work or pronunciation exercises;
  • not to bring any food or drinks (only sealable bottles are allowed) with them into the library;
  • not to mark or otherwise damage library items;
  • not to re-shelve used items themselves, but to place them on the book trolleys in the reading rooms instead;
  • to report any and all damage to borrowed library items immediately upon return;
  • to be financially liable for damaged or lost items. The amount of all compensation payments for replacement copies or repairs is set by the library.

 Copying and scanning

Items can be copied and scanned by all users using the available multifunctional devices and a Campus Card.

Users without a Campus Card wishing to make paid copies can ask at the entrance desk for guidance. Prices upon request.

Complying with copyright legislation when copying or scanning items is the sole responsibility of the user.


Users are required to follow instructions by BLE library staff and to respect the rules posted in the library.


The library reserves the right to bring cases of users offending the present rules to the attention of the Recteur/Rektor’s office, who may decide on appropriate disciplinary measures as defined by the University Act.

For questions please contact the library secretary (Ms Petrovic, bureau 1.105, 026 300 79 58,