Library plan and classification

Shelf marks

Our books and other media are arranged and ordered according to our own classification system. Regardless of their place in the classification, all books can be identified by the colour of their label as belonging to one of the four following main language categories: white = German, blue = English, yellow = French, orange = Italian.


Shelf mark    Area

A                     Language textbooks  (DAF, EFL, FLE, ILS)
Aa                   Textbooks and other materials for specific classes/courses
Ab                   Workbooks, not tied to any specific class and without audio components
Ac                   Exercise materials with an audio component
Ad                  Language tests
Af                   Teaching materials and tests for languages not taught at the Language Centre [Spanish, Russian, etc.]

B                     Reference
Ba                   Grammars
Bb                   Dictionaries
Bc                   Handbooks
Bd                   Various lexicons and encyclopaedias

C                     Linguistics

D                     Didactics

E                     Periodicals and grey (i.e. not commercially published) literature
Eb                   Journals and other periodicals (BLE shelf marks)
Ec                   Grey literature
Ed                   Didactic/Teaching material

F                     Bibliographies                    
Fb                   Bibliographies

G                    Reading materials
Ga                   Reading materials (first language)
Gb                   Reading materials (second language) [also for languages not taught at the Language Centre]
Gc                   Literary texts
Gd                  Regional cultures and customs
Ge                   Information texts from periodicals and book series
Gf                   Educational games
Gg                   Literature for young readers
Gh                   Specialized texts and terminologies
Gi                    Specialized texts for law students
Gk                   Computer-assisted and distance learning
Gp                   Posters and other graphics
Gv                   Books accompanying video materials
Gw                  Texts on the economy
Gz                   Journals and magazines

J                      Periodicals (BCU shelf marks)


Room plan

Room plan