Albina Muratbekova

Albina Muratbekova received her PhD and MSc from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. In her dissertation, Albina investigated China-India relation in border areas from global, regional and sub-regional perspectives. During her studies, she won a EUCACIS PhD support programme fellowship supported by the Volkswagen Foundation and Erasmus+, the Fudan University Fellowship in International Politics (Chinese Politics and Diplomacy), an ITEC (India) programme fellowship, along with being a visiting student and research affiliate at the Cambridge Central Asia Forum, University of Cambridge.

Albina’s primary research interests cover Central, East and South Asian affairs, intraregional and interregional cooperation of Central Asian states, China-India relations, and Central Asian politics.

Albina joined a ROADWORK within her 3-month research stay at the post-doctorate level thanks to the support of the scholarship provided by the University of Fribourg. During the research stay, Albina works on military infrastructure construction along the Sino-Indian border.