Fribourg day of cognition

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    Faculté Faculté des sciences et de médecine
    Domaine Sciences médicales
    Code UE-SME.07002
    Langues Anglais
    Type d'enseignement Colloque
    Cursus Master
    Semestre(s) SA-2022

    Horaires et salles

    Struct. des horaires bloc 1 day
    Heures de contact 8


    • Kaeser Mélanie
    • Schmid Michael

    Scientific meeting with presentations from researchers of Univ. Fribourg. Participants are required to submit a two-page summary of a presentation of their choice, detailing hypotheses, methods, results and brief critical discussion thereof.

    Objectifs de formation

    The «Fribourg day of cognition» (SME.04002 and SME.07002) is an annual day event that brings together the active research world of cognitive neuroscience at the University of Fribourg (mainly the Departments of Medicine and Psychology). The aim is to publicise (in the form of an oral presentation or a poster) the research projects currently underway in this field at the University of Fribourg. Students are asked to select a specific presentation and to record the hypotheses tested, the approach chosen to test them and the main results in written form (about 2 pages preferably in English, otherwise in German or French). A short critical discussion forms the conclusion.

    Students enrolled in SME.04002 or SME.07002 are required to attend the whole day of lectures, including the poster presentation. For credit, they must also write a short report as indicated above. The deadline for submission of the report is the last day of October; please send it before this deadline by e-mail to with the subject «Fribourg Cognition Day report»


    The meeting takes place on the first Wednesday of October.


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    Evaluation continue

    Mode d'évaluation Par réussi/échec
    Description Passed or failed, based on active participation
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