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(78) Mean-field theory of inhomogeneous fluids

S.M. Tschopp, H.D. Vuijk, A. Sharma and J.M. Brader

Phys. Rev. E 102 042140 (2020)


(77) Correlations in multithermostat Brownian systems with Lorentz force

  1. Abdoli, E. Kalz, H.D. Vuijk, R. Wittmann, J.U. Sommer, J.M. Brader and A. Sharma

New Journal of Physics 22 093057 (2020)


(76) Stationary state in Brownian systems with Lorentz force

  1. Abdoli, H.D. Vuijk, R. Wittmann, J.U. Sommer, J.M. Brader and A. Sharma

Phys.Rev.Research 2 023381 (2020)


(75) Lorentz force induces inhomogeneity and flux in active systems

H.D. Vuijk, J.U. Sommer, R. Merlitz, J.M. Brader and A. Sharma

Phys.Rev.Research 2 013320 (2020)


(74) Nondiffusive fluxes in a Brownian system with Lorentz force

  1. Abdoli, H.D. Vuijk, J.U. Sommer, J.M. Brader and A. Sharma

Phys.Rev.E 101 012120 (2020)





(73) Anomalous fluxes in overdamped Brownian dynamics with Lorentz force

H.D. Vuijk, J.M. Brader and A. Sharma

J.Stat.Mech.: Theory and Experiment 063203 (2019)


(72) Pressure, surface tension and curvature in active systems: a touch of equilibrium

  1. Wittmann, F. Smallenburg and J.M. Brader

J.Chem.Phys. 150 174908 (2019)


(71) Particle conserving dynamics on the single-particle level

  1. Schindler, R. Wittmann and J.M. Brader,

Phys.Rev.E 99 012605 (2019)


(70) Effect of anisotropic diffusion on spinodal decomposition

H.D. Vuijk, J.M. Brader and A. Sharma,

Soft Matter 15 1319 (2019)!divAbstract




Fluid demixing kinetics on spherical geometry: Power spectrum and Minkowski
functional analysis

A. Böbel, M.C. Bott, H. Modest, J.M. Brader and C. Räth,                                            
Submitted (2018)  

Linear response approach to active Brownian particles in time-varying activity fields
H. Merlitz, H. Vuijk, J.M. Brader, A. Sharma and J.-U. Sommer                                           
J. Chem. Phys. 148, 194116 (2018)

Isotropic-nematic transition of self-propelled rods
M.C. Bott, R. Wittmann, A. Sharma, M. Marechal, F. Winterhalter, J.M. Brader                                           
accepted to PRE (2018) 

Effective equilibrium states in mixtures of active particles driven by colored noise
R. Wittmann, J.M. Brader, A. Sharma and U.M.B. Marconi,                                                           
Phys. Rev. E 97, 012601 (2018)

Flow induced crystallization of penetrable particles
A. Scacchi and J.M. Brader,                                                                                 
J.Phys.:Condens.Matter 30, 095102 (2018)    




Dynamical density functional theory analysis of the laning instability in sheared soft matter

A. Scacchi, A.J. Archer and J.M. Brader,                                                                                 
Phys. Rev. E 96, 062616 (2017)

Brownian systems with spatially inhomogeneous activity
A. Sharma and J.M. Brader,                                                                                 
Phys. Rev. E 96, 032604 (2017)

Effective equilibrium states in the colored-noise model for active matter II. 
R. Wittmann, U.M.B. Marconi, C. Maggi, J.M. Brader,                                                                                 
J. Stat.Mech. 2017113208 (2017)

Effective equilibrium states in the colored-noise model for active matter I. 
R. Wittmann, C. Maggi, A. Sharma, A. Scacchi, J.M. Brader and U.M.B. Marconi,                                                                                 
J. Stat. Mech. 2017 113207 (2017)

Escape rate of active particles in the effective equilibrium approach
A. Sharma, R. Wittmann and J.M. Brader,                                                                                 
Phys.Rev.E 95 012115 (2017) 




Green-Kubo approach to the average swim speed in active Brownian systems

A. Sharma and J.M. Brader,                                                                                 
J.Chem.Phys. 145 161101 (2016)
Nonequilibrium phase behaviour from minimization of free power dissipation
P. Krinninger, M. Schmidt and J.M. Brader,                                                                                 
Phys.Rev.Lett 117 208003 (2016)

Phase separation on the sphere: Patchy particles and self-assembly
M.C. Bott and J.M. Brader,                                                                                 
Phys.Rev.E 94 012603 (2016)

Active Brownian particles at interfaces: an effective equilibrium approach
R. Wittmann and J.M. Brader,
EPL 114 68004 (2016)

Driven colloidal fluids: construction of dynamical density functional theories from exactly solvable limits
A. Scacchi, M. Krüger and J.M. Brader,                                                                                 
J.Phys.:Condens.Matter 28 244023 (2016)

Particle conservation in dynamical density functional theory
D. de las Heras, J.M. Brader, A. Fortini and M. Schmidt, 
J.Phys.:Condens.Matter 28 244024 (2016)




Effective interactions in active Brownian suspensions
T.F.F. Farage, P. Krinninger and J.M. Brader,                                                                                 
Phys.Rev.E 91 042310 (2015)

Free power dissipation from functional line integration
J.M. Brader and M. Schmidt,                                                                                
Mol.Phys. 113 2873 (2015)

Power functional theory for the dynamic test particle limit
J.M. Brader and M. Schmidt, 
J.Phys.:Condens.Matter 27 194106 (2015)

Large amplitude oscillatory shear: Applications for the characterization of dispersed systems
D. Merger et al., 
in Colloid process engineering pp.113-142 (Elsevier, 2015)




Superadiabatic forces in Brownian many-body dynamics

A. Fortini, D. de las Heras, J.M. Brader and M. Schmidt,                                                                                 
Phys.Rev.Lett 113 167801 (2014) 

Microrheology close to an equilibrium phase transition
J. Reinhardt, A. Scacchi and J.M. Brader
J.Chem.Phys. 140 144901 (2014)

Dynamic correlations in Brownian many-body systems
J.M. Brader and M. Schmidt
J.Chem.Phys 140 034104 (2014)




Normal-stress coefficients and rod-climbing in colloidal dispersions

T.F.F. Farage, J. Reinhardt and J.M. Brader
Phys.Rev.E 88 042303 (2013)

Nonequilibrium Ornstein-Zernike relation for Brownian many-body dynamics
J.M. Brader and M. Schmidt
J.Chem.Phys. 139 104108 (2013)

Phase behaviour of colloids with short-range repulsions plus nonadsorbing polymer chains
K. van Gruijthuijsen, R. Tuinier, J.M. Brader and A. Stradner
Soft Matter 9 9977 (2013)

Power functional theory for Brownian dynamics
M. Schmidt and J.M. Brader
J.Chem.Phys. 138 214101 (2013)

Residual stresses in glasses
M. Ballauff, J.M. Brader, S.U. Egelhaaf, M. Fuchs, J. Horbach, N. Koumakis, M. Kruger, M. Laurati, K.J. Mutch, G. Petekidis, M. Siebenburger, Th. Voigtmann and J. Zausch
Phys.Rev.Lett 110 215701 (2013)  (See also the  PRL focus article)

Density functional approach to nonlinear rheology

J. Reinhardt, F. Weysser and J.M. Brader

EPL 102 28011 (2013) 




First principles constitutive equation for suspension rheology

J.M. Brader, M.E. Cates and M. Fuchs

Phys.Rev.E 86 021403 (2012) 
Schematic mode-coupling theory of glass rheology: Single and double step strains

Th. Voigtmann, J.M. Brader, M. Fuchs and M.E. Cates,

Soft Matter 8 4244 (2012)
Dynamics of localized particles from density functional theory

J.Reinhardt and J.M. Brader,

Phys.Rev.E 85 011404 (2012)

Three dimensional flow of colloidal glasses

T.F.F. Farage and J.M. Brader,

J.Rheol. 56 259 (2012)




Controlling colloidal sedimentation using time-dependent shear
M.Krüger and J.M. Brader,
EPL 96 68006 (2011)

Density profiles of a colloidal liquid at a wall under shear flow 
J.M. Brader and M.Krüger,
Mol.Phys. 109 1029 (2011)




Nonlinear response of dense colloidal suspensions under oscillatory shear: 

Mode-coupling theory and FT-rheology experiments
J.M.Brader, M. Siebenbürger, M. Ballauff, K. Reinheimer, M. Wilhelm, S.J. Frey and M. Fuchs,
Phys.Rev.E 82 061401 (2010)

Nonlinear rheology of colloidal dispersions (review article)
J.Phys.Condens.:Matter 22 363101 (2010)




The effect of mixing and spatial dimension on the glass transition 
D. Hajnal, J.M. Brader and R. Schilling, 

Phys.Rev.E 80 021503 (2009)
Glass Rheology: From mode-coupling theory to a dynamical yield criterion 

J.M. Brader, Th. Voigtmann, M. Fuchs, R.G. Larson and M.E. Cates, 

Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.USA, 106 15186 (2009)

Nonlocal effects in nonisothermal hydrodynamics from the perspective of 
beyond-equilibrium thermodynamics
M.  Hütter and J.M. Brader

J.Chem.Phys 130 214908 (2009)

Rheology, Structure and Dynamics of Colloid-Polymer Mixtures: From Liquids to Gels 
M. Laurati, G. Petekidis, N. Koumakis, F. Cardinaux, A.B. Schofield, J.M. Brader, M. Fuchs 
and S.U. Egelhaaf,

Chem.Phys 130 134907 (2009)




First-Principles Constitutive Equation for Suspension Rheology 
J.M. Brader, M.E. Cates and M. Fuchs, 

Phys.Rev.Lett. 101 138301 (2008)  (See also the Viewpoint article: Physics 1 22 (2008))

From Equilibrium to Steady State: The Transient Dynamics of Colloidal Liquids under Shear 
J. Zausch, J. Horbach, M. Laurati, S. Egelhaaf, J. M. Brader, Th. Voigtmann, M. Fuchs

 Structural precursor to freezing: An integral equation study
 J.M. Brader,

Chem.Phys. 128 104503 (2008)ys.:Condens.Matt. 20 404210 (2008)





Dynamic glass transition in two dimensions 

M. Bayer, J.M. Brader, F. Ebert, E. Lange, M. Fuchs, G. Maret, R. Schilling, M. Sperl and J.P. Wittmer, 

Phys.Rev.E 76 011508 (2007)

Dense colloidal suspensions under time-dependent shear 
J.M. Brader, Th. Voigtmann, M.E. Cates and M. Fuchs, 

Phys.Rev.Lett. 98 058301 (2007)
Structure and phase equilibria of the Widom-Rowlinson model

 J.M. Brader and R.L.C. Vink,
J.Phys.:Condens.Matt. 19 036101 (2007)

Learning real world stimuli in a network with spike driven synaptic dynamics

J.M. Brader, W. Senn and S. Fusi,
Neural Computation 19 2881 (2007)