Study Physics in Fribourg

  • and develop critical judgment, objectivity, creativity and strictness of the reasoning
  • in a human scale department
  • in a trilingual environment

Our basic study programme in 3 years leads to a "Bachelor of Science in Physics".  You can then undertake further studies leading to a "Master of Science in Physics" (3 semesters) and then continue with a PhD (3-4 years).

Physicists' skills are highly sought-after in the field of high-tech. A Bachelor's degree in Physics constitutes a sound basic qualification and opens the way to a variety of career orientations. For example, you can put your knowledge to good use in the field of patents or consulting. With a Master in Physics, you will have access to various professional activities in research, teaching, industry, economics or administration.

Link to the website of the association representing the students of these two branches:
Fachschaft Physics and Mathematics