Soft Matter & Photonics

In our research group we study physical phenomena related to soft condensed matter, scattering probes as well as fundamental and applied optics in ordered and disordered media.


We do research on the optical properties of complex systems, dynamic light scattering and diffuse light propagation, the dynamics, aggregation and phase behaviour of colloidal systems and the fabrication and characterisation of soft materials.  Controlled assembly of small particles, droplets or bubbles allows us to study “atomic” motion and structure in real time in systems ranging from simple liquids to crystals, glasses and jammed phases. Major contributions to our fundamental understanding of condensed matter structure and phase behavior are nowadays coming from the soft matter domain. In our laboratory we study the dynamics of dense colloidal assemblies and the transition to a amorphous solid state.  We are also interested how the interplay between order and disorder controls the optical properties of dielectric materials and the way optical forces can be used to manipulate small particles.