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Reading list

Tupaia General
Tupaia model for biomedical research Cao et al J Med Primatol 2003
Tree Shrew handbook Fuchs 2010 
Tupaia Electrophysiology
Luminance evoked inhibition Fitzpatrick Lab J Neurosci 2006 
Population coding and divisive suppression Fitzpatrick Lab Nature Neurosci 2009
mAChR dependent LTP and LTD in V1 layer 2/3 McMahon Lab J Neurophysiol 2008
Tupaia Anatomy
Fitzpatrick V1 review Cereb Cortex 1996 
Visual Pulvinar subdivisions using AChE staining Kaas Lab J Comp Neurol 2003
Temporal Cortex Pulvinar connections Bickford Lab Cereb Cortex 2009
V1 Layer VI connectivity Fitzpatrick Lab J Neurosci 1996
Four visual Areas in tree shrew Sesma&Kaas J Comp Neurol 1984
Tree shrew cortex anatomical subdivisions Wong&Kaas The Anatomical Record 2009 
Tupaia Behavior
Tupaia Spatial Contrast Sensitivity Vis Res 1984 
Matlab based animal trackingJ Neuro Methods 2005
Tupaia Depression
Van Kampen et al Stress.2002
Models of Depression Bookchapter 
V1 Monkey/Rat Electrophysiology
Entrainment of Spiking Responses to CRT refresh Hawken Lab JNeurosci 2004
More OFF than ON Neurons in Layer 2/3  Shapley Lab JNeurosci 2009 
Sparse Noise vs. Hartley V1 RF2 Shapley Lab PNAS 2009
Layer specific oscillations and STRF in rat Dan Lab PNAS 2009
V1 Layer 6 Gain Control Scanziani.2012 
Cholinergic System
Cholinergic Pathways book chapter Exploring Cholinergic Nervous System Kraczmar 2007  
Sarter review on ACh and attention Parikh&Sarter Ann NY Acad Sci 2008
Thiele V1 ACh muscarinic effect monkey Thiele Nature 2008  
Sarter review phasic ACh & volume transmission Sarter Nat Rev Neurosci 2009
Methods section from Sarter Neuron paper with technical details
Pepeu&Giovannini Review ACh extracellular levels & cognition Learn Mem 2004
nAChR induced memory enhancement Review Sarter lab Biochem Pharmacol 2009
Thiele Anesth. Marmoset V1 ACh effects I Thiele Lab J Neurophysiol 2005
Thiele Anesth. Marmoset V1 ACh effects II Thiele Lab EJN 2006
Rasmusson basal forebrain microstim V1 VEP monitoring paper Neuroscience 2009 
Rasumusson V1/S1/A1 microdialysis paper Neuroscience 2004
Materi/Semba HPLC methods paper ACh/Glu/GABA EJN 2001
Vaucher ACh induced V1 VEP enhancement Plos One 2009
Vaucher ACh Anatomy/Behavior Neuroscience 2008
Vaucher PF/Visual ACh levels Neuroscience 2005 
ACh anatomical and behavioral effects on rat V1 Neuroscience 2008
Basal forebrain microstim natural scence coding in rat Nat Neurosci 2009
Mouse prefrontal EEG ACh Lydic lab J Neurophysiol 2002
ACh release to tail pinch Stengard 1995 

Hierarchical control of dopamine neuron-firing patterns by nicotinic receptors, Neuron, 2006

 Long-term effects of chronic nicotine exposure on brain nicotinic receptors, PNAS, 2007
Gain Modulation by Nicotine in Macaque V1, Neuron, 2007
AChE Inhibitors clinical evaluation Pepeu Chem-Bio Interaction 2008
Electrochemical Detection
ACh and Ch monitored in monkey hippocampus during theta Nicolelis Lab J Neuro Methods 2009
DA monitored in vivo Suad-Chagny Methods 2004
GPIB based homemade Voltametry system Pospisil Lab Rev Sci Instr 2000
Joint DA and laminar probe Kipke group 2008
Nanoprobes / Electrodes
ECoG array for monkeys Fries/Stieglitz labs J Neural Eng 2009
Blazquez deep brain probes J Neurosci Meth 2009
Thiele 3 barrel recording/drug probe J Neurosci Meth 2006
In vivo DBS impedance spectroscopy J Neural Eng 2009
Chronic monkey electrophysiology Jackson JNeurophys 2007
Neurologger Pigeon EEG Lipp group J Neurophys 2006
Carbon fiber iontophoresis probe Lorden 1996
Multi barrel recording / iontophoresis Kubota 1990
Chudler microelectrode J Neurosci Meth 1994
Godwin iontophoresis microelectrode J Neurosci Meth 1993
Polyimide Electrodes China J Neurosci Meth 2009
Iontophoresis Chapter Lalley
Deep Brain Stimulation
DBS adenosine alleviates Parkinson Tremor Nat Med 2009
DBS caudate nucleus elicits GABA J Neurosci Meth 2007 
DBS mechanisms review Clin Neurophysiol 2004 
Neurovascular Coupling
Lauritzen/Hamel pathway specific neurovascular coupling Jcbvm 2009
Neuropeptides Learning Memory Review Eur J Pharamcol 2010 
Neglected Aspects cholinergic function Whitaker 2009
Orexin BF activation Acta Physiol 2009
Orexin BF attention Brain Res 2009
Orexin/Cholinergic Effects on Cortex Ann NY Acad Sci 2009
Orexin Sevoflurane emergence Neuropeptides 2009
Orexin BF microdialysis  Pharm Biochem Behav 2009
Neuropeptide Y BF Zsabosrzky 2007
Galanin memory impairment Neurobiol Learning Memory 2009
Galanin & Alzheimer disease Cell Mol Life Sci 2009
Galanin Cognition Review  Cell Mol Life Sci 2008
PACAP nictotine effect enhancement Mol Cell Neurosci 2009 
NCS-1 hippocampus spatial memory Neuron 2009
Angiotensin cognitive enhancement BMC Neuroscience 2008
Nocioceptin counteracts cholinergic blockade Brain Res 2008
Kennedy lab MS neuropeptide analysis review Anal Chem 2005
Sweedler microproteomics review MS reviews 2008
EEG effects of anaesthetic agents Anesthesia 2006
Cholinergic fMRI
Thiel auditory ACh effects review 2007
Thiel ACH learning & memory review 2003
Bentley ACh visual attention Neuroimage 2003 
Thiel Nicotine Alertness J Neurophys 2007
Thiel Encoding Retrieval  J Neurosci 2009
Silver ACh V1 spatial focusing Neuron 2008 
Herzog psychophysics papers
Crowding paper Saarela et al Jov 2009
Retinotopy paper Boi et al JoV 2009
EEG-FMRI System HF1 blueprint Bonmassar lab J Neurosci Meth 2008


Color Perception 
Color.Perception.dichromat.horse Roth.J.Exp.Biol.2007
ColorVision.tree.shrew Jacobs.VisRes.1986
V1 perceptual inference Deneve.JNeurosci.2012